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Coronavirus update from the club

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The club’s last fixture, away to Prescot Cables in February, is now a distant memory and people’s minds have quite rightly been focused upon more important things than football. The Covid-19 crisis has enveloped the entire planet and, as has always been the way, here in Liverpool the community has rallied around to protect and support our vulnerable and isolated residents. COLFC is proud to be part of this social solidarity movement, mobilising our COLFC Community and COLFC Welfare resources and repurposing our Purple Pantry Food Union project to provide weekly food parcels to older people in isolation. We are also proud that the club’s sponsors and partners have enthusiastically backed our transformation from football club to community organisation.


As always, the club’s main sponsor Regenda Homes has been at the forefront of working alongside COLFC’s efforts in the community. In addition to providing crucial funds that enable our club to function, Regenda has always been a big supporter of COLFC Foodbank, with regular donations being made by both staff and the organisation itself. Of course, and as if it would be any other way, when the current restrictions began and we announced our intention to begin delivering weekly food parcels to older people in isolation, Regenda immediately responded with a delivery of supplies. As always, COLFC is both grateful and proud to be associated with Regenda and places on the record our sincere thanks to Michael Birkett, Kevin Short and all the Regenda staff that we have got to know over the past four years.

The Progressive Lifestyle Solutions (PLS) logo has featured on the club tracksuits for the past two seasons, after having previously been our reserve team shirt sponsor. PLS is a multi-award winning social enterprise, based on Walton Road in Kirkdale, specialising in the provision of accommodation for vulnerable residents transitioning to independent living. The PLS Food Foundation is a partner in COLFC Community’s Purple Pantry Food Union, alongside Liverpool Independent Cooperatives. Together with Regenda, PLS responded immediately to the club’s efforts to support the vulnerable and isolated during the coronavirus crisis by providing a delivery of food and household items and assisting in stocking the shelves of our store. Like Regenda, PLS is much more than a sponsor, sharing and supporting the core values that make COLFC much more than a football club.

Supporters attending our Liverpool County FA Senior Cup victory over Everton (this result still stands!) will have been introduced to Perfect Getaways and some will have booked holidays and breaks with a Purple Perfect Getaways discount. Unfortunately the termination of the season cut short a partnership that was just beginning to gain momentum. Nevertheless, club members that have bookings with Perfect Getaways have had nothing but praise for the way they are handling customer concerns during what is a very difficult and uncertain time for the travel industry. We wish Dave and all of his team good health and good fortune as they work to ensure that their customers are looked after and have holidays to look forward to when better times return.

The Morning Star is the world’s only English language daily newspaper of the left. Staunch in its support for the working class and for Jeremy Corbyn, COLFC has a natural ally in the Morning Star. In addition to match sponsorship, the paper has provided extensive coverage of our club’s footballing and non-non footballing activities. Morning Star journalist James Nalton provides a weekly COLFC feature in the paper, and has covered the social inclusion and anti-racism work of COLFC Community, the work around mental health undertaken by COLFC Welfare, and has extensively featured the club’s robust response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the abject failure of the government to instigate appropriate measures in a timely and effective manner. Please subscribe to the Morning Star here:

Our latest partners, GT Decorators, didn’t even get to feature in a home programme due to the cancellation of the Northern Premier League season! Nevertheless, the sponsorship has continued and has enabled the club to pay bills and continue our work in the community throughout the current period of restrictions. The club thanks GT Decorators for their absolutely crucial support at what is a difficult time for all businesses. We look forward to fully developing our partnership when the football returns.


Speaking of the match programme, we must give a mention to Andy Wilson of FC Print & Finish. FC undertakes the printing of the club’s match programmes, tickets and marketing materials, including our pitchside advertising boards. As well as producing the highest quality materials for the club, Andy is incredibly patient in waiting for payment! Obviously with no further home fixtures, including a couple of big local derbies not being played, we have asked Andy to be even more patient than usual. In the meantime, any members or supporters requiring any print products can return Andy’s favour to the club and give FC Print & Finish a call on 0151 289 5232.

Finally, our biggest sponsors, you our members and supporters; COLFC literally is you, you are the club, it was formed by and exists for you as representatives of the wider Liverpool community. Since the cancellation of the league season, not a single member has queried ongoing membership fees – in fact one member, who initially required assistance with affording membership payments, has now upped his monthly payment to £100! In addition, not a single season ticket holder has requested any repayment for the matches outstanding. On top of this, our fundraising volunteers continue to bring in funds from the COLotto, Pingo, Last Partisan Standing and a tremendous effort to raise funds for the Purple Pantry food parcels. For all of this fantastic support, the board of directors is eternally grateful.


As football continues to be “the most important of the least important things”, COLFC will continue to work to support those in our community who face ongoing isolation and vulnerability to both the Covid-19 virus and the catastrophic money before life government policy. However we do still have to run a football club. Members will have registered for our “virtual” AGM and will be receiving further information from the club as the date approaches. We will continue to provide updates and arrange online discussions with members and supporters and, as the day that football returns becomes closer, further bulletins will provide exciting details about our pre-season programme and the continuing upgrades being made to the Berry Street Garages Stadium by Bootle FC.

Until we meet again, please look after yourselves and your loved ones by following the strictest guidance on social distancing and the isolation of our vulnerable elders, those with disabilities and those with health conditions.

COLFC sends solidarity and support to the essential workers that are keeping us afloat through this crisis. “The people choose their own heroes”.

COLFC Board of Directors



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